Marina Shifrin, Comedy Writer, Author, and Viral Video Creator Talks About Thinking Ahead, Closure, and Celebrating Milestones, Episode 23

Marina Shifrin is a comedy writer who created an interpretive dance resignation video garnering millions of views. She has seen success throughout her professional career, including having worked on Talk Show the Game Show (TruTV), Problematic (Comedy Central), Comedy Central Presents: ClusterFest (duh, Comedy Central), Wizard School Dropout (Eko) and she has written on a handful of pilots you’ve never seen. Previously, Marina was an Emmy-award winning digital producer on @midnight (Comedy Central, again). That’s her resume, but what got her on my radar was her book 30 Before 30.

In this episode, we discuss Marina’s book 30 Before 30, a collection of essays detailing thirty things she wanted to do before the age of thirty and ranging in scope from the simple (Ride A Bike Over the Brooklyn Bridge, Donate Hair) to the life-changing (Move to A Different Country, Become Famous). Each story shows readers that we don’t all have it figured out, and that’s okay, even if you are way over thirty. 

Marina also offers insightful and useful advice on preparing to go viral and to handle closure and celebrate milestones in these pandemic times.

Tune in to hear Marina’s thoughts pertaining to:

  • A random reaction Marina received about her resignation video. (5:00)
  • What to do if you don’t have closure in your life: write it for yourself. (10:00)
  • Different industries were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and many don’t have a lot of closure in their careers because of the crisis, Marina offers some thoughtful advice. (12:05)
  • A reminder to go back to what you’ve always wanted in your career amidst this time of uncertainty. (14:02)
  • Comedy relief during times of stress and how we can all get some comedy relief. (16:00)
  • The constant battle between Internet comedy vs. stand-up comedy and how the delivery of comedy may change in the near future. (17:00)
  • Marina shares how to deliver a really good joke. (19:00)
  • On embarrassment: In 5th grade, Marina decided to lose the emotion of feeling embarrassed. ( 23:00)
  • How to handle internet trolls and fear you may have of editing your LinkedIn headlines, plus a hack to help you deal with trolls. (28:00)
  • What inspired Marina to put together her 30 Before 30 list. (30:56)
  • How to prepare to go viral and some of the things Marina did when planning, creating and releasing her viral video. (36:23)
  • Why should they give themselves a ten years timespan to hit their professional stride and find their voice? (45:03)
  • What’s on Marina’s list for her 30’s and beyond. (48:00)
  • Marina shares a story about Donald Glover, NYU, and a USB drive with a script on it; and how that story inspires her to always be prepared. (59:00)

Graduation Season in the U.S. is here, so I asked Marina this question because she is a child of immigrants: As a child of immigrants, what would you suggest to those who are set to graduate in 2020 or experiencing a major milestone, how can they celebrate their accomplishments in light of the pandemic?

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