Marie Arlen, Holistic Health Coach, Talks About Eradicating Brain Fog and the Importance of Putting Yourself First, Episode 43

Marie Arlen, a holistic coach, joins me on the podcast this week. Before she was drinking her daily green juice and attending self-development workshops, she was an overachiever working in an Ivy League School helping applicants achieve their own dream.  Riddled with chronic stress and exhaustion from living a life on the go, she found her health rapidly declining.   

During our conversation, she shares her courageous health journey and provides tangible steps to help you evaluate what you can do to be better in general and healthier specifically.  Despite not being a doctor nor a dietician, Marie decided to go from a state of helplessness to one of someone who can thrive and regain control of her health.  

Ten years leading up to leaving Columbia University, she was living with exhaustion, mood changes, skin issues, massive brain fog, and migraines.  After years of being shuffled from doctor to doctor and thousands of dollars spent, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s.  

With the constant bruises from getting blood drawn and the constant changes in medications with no relief, Marie realized enough was enough. She took her health into her own hands and became her own health advocate. After years of researching and trying different diets and programs, Marie has overcome the majority of the symptoms and now empower others to find their ultimate health so they can then achieve their goals.  Simple shifts in eating habits, mindset, stress management, and eliminating toxins can and will rejuvenate health. Marie says: when we focus on what our bodies need, it can perform on the highest level.  It becomes no longer about survival, but about thriving in all aspects of life. Because with health, we have it all. 

Marie offers a reminder to be intentional with your time, your food, and your circle of support. And, her story is one that encourages us all to be our own advocate!! Figure out what is going to help you to take care of yourself. Don’t just cope with feeling less than vital. Look to solve it as best you can.  Feel empowered, take action.   

Marie just launched Drink to Health an e-book with smoothie, juice, and drink recipes that help increase energy, boost moods, and rejuvenate your health.  She is also providing online group coaching set to launch in October for those looking to decrease toxins in their lives (body, home, relationships, mindset). This conversation is perfect for anyone who wishes they felt a heightened sense of vitality to crush their life goals and empower those around them to do the same too. We delve into a common sign of fatigue brain fog. Marie shared her personal journaling exercises that can help you to figure out your ideal healthy future self and how to no longer let anyone make you feel like a victim even if you are not a trained doctor. Do the exercises for 21-days and check in to let me know how you feel. You can go so in our complimentary Facebook group for podcast listeners. See the details below. 


  • During this pandemic, there hasn’t been any news or resources relating to building your own immune system. Marie describes why she decided to write a book based on the single easiest way to get as many nutrients in her body in one shot. (5:37) 
  • How Marie found the time to write a book during the pandemic swapping empty for being intentional about her time and giving herself grace when things didn’t go according to her plans. (7:26)
  • Her 10-year health journey that included brain fog as well as being prescribed medications that didn’t work. (9:47)
  • Changing from, “I am a victim to my body,” to “My body is capable of healing.”  She describes how her strategy was finding people who overcame harder diseases. (12:34)
  • What triggered her to find answers to help treat her thyroid condition and how she knew a pill was not enough. (14:58)
  • Her journey to becoming a holistic health coach and why she wants to help others uncover what vitality could feel like in their life. (15:42)
  • Beyond changing her diet, she focuses on a positive mindset, which was key to her health and wellness. (18:40)
  • If you’ve tried to be healthy and haven’t been successful, Marie offers some strategies which could help. (27:08)
  • If you let go of processed food for 21 days, moving forward it will be hard to crave processed foods, and instead, you will desire foods with more nutrients and vibrancy. (28:10)
  • Try this exercise: Create a food feeling diary to help identify how you feel after eating a certain food or foods. (29:04)
  • Pre-pandemic office culture – how can we avoid getting sucked back into mindless snacking while working or culture of processed food at the office. (30:35)
  • Managing stress in a high-stress work environment. (32:35)
  • Without your health, you don’t have a career. (35:04)
  • When you figure out what is no longer working, put yourself first, and focus on your own health and wellness, you can show up more completely for your family, co-workers, and friends. (35:30)
  • Find out the benefit of getting clear on what you truly want in life and why. 939:05)
  • Imagine where you can be if you continue to add to your bucket list? (40:58)
  • The best way to start if you feel a brain fog – try this exercise: Ask yourself, “What would my ideal life look like if I didn’t have that brain fog?” Be specific. Then get into that future self and put reminders around your home to keep you motivated. (44:06) 

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