Jurian Hughes, Founder of Fifth Chakra Yoga, Talks About Being Present and at Peace in Times of Uncertainty, Episode 34

This week my guest is Jurian Hughes. She is the founder of the Fifth Chakra Yoga (Yoga of Voice); co-creator of The Yoga of Yes; a Let Your Yoga Dance® teacher trainer; voice coach; personal mentor; writer; speaker; and theatre performer known for her passionate, playful and engaging teaching style. As a senior faculty member of the Kripalu School of Yoga, Hughes has led thousands of workshops and programs and trained more than 1,000 Kripalu yoga teachers since 2006. In addition to her extensive teaching experience, Hughes has a long theatrical resume spanning Broadway, off-Broadway, Europe, film, television, and the voice-over industry.   

Are you present in your life and with those around you? In this episode Jurian helps us to understand how being present, even when experiencing discomfort, can be empowering. She offers some examples of how to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. And, together we discuss the notion of being at peace even in moments of uncertainty.    

Through her own study and decades of practice, she has developed a deep understanding of the ways in which the tools of yoga, dance, voice, mindfulness, and play can be used singularly and together to promote whole-being wellness, increased creativity, and the ability to thrive. She is dedicated to sharing these tools through her workshops, retreats, and trainings at Kripalu and around the world.   

A bit more on the backstory of Jurian. She grew up in upstate New York, attended Williams College and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and spent two decades cultivating a successful theatre career. After a life in Broadway, film, and TV, at 40 years old she determined that it was time to ‘begin again’ and brought her decades of experience practicing presence, body wisdom, knowledge of breath, and vocal techniques, to fuse with her yoga life.  

In Jurian’s words: “I’m interested in authenticity and self-expression. The more I practice being fully myself, the more others feel free to do the same. And isn’t that what we all really want?” 

Show Notes 

  • How Jurian brings her talents to the world as a Voice Emancipator, how she teaches people to claim and love their inner voice and what it all means. (7:08) 
  • Her struggle to let go of her acting career and how she finally knew it was time to move on. (11:43) 
  • Transitioning to a career in corporate events and her realization that she may not get to age 50 staying in Corporate America. (16:41) 
  • Realizing that money does not define happiness and going from making the most money she had ever made in her life to making little to no money. “I was making peanuts and I was so happy.” (18:33) 
  • How Yoga teaches people to question, “What is your dharma or purpose?” (20:34) 
  • In order to find meaning in your work or satisfaction, it has to call something from you. (22:47) 
  • The difference in energetic exchanges between physical in-person work and doing the same work virtually, these days, via Zoom. (29:25) 
  • Learning to surrender to a moment of risk, much like taking a risk skydiving – take a risk to see what gifts you have for the world and how they are received. (31:41) 
  • This is gutsy! Jurian shares what we can take in when it comes to being unafraid and being more present during this time of uncertainty. (40:05) 
  • An important reminder that you create your own happiness. (45:16) 

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