How To Not Give A F*ck About Whether You Belong Nor Whether You Should Be The One Playing Tupac From The DJ Booth, Meet DJ “Your Mama” Esther Goedvolk, Episode 66

Meet Esther Goedvolk, she is in demand and hot as ever! She’s a DJ at 56. She lives in Amsterdam yet her musical taste transcends generations and geographies. Her artist name is DJ Je Moeder. (Your Mama). She was a DJ in the 80s. She worked in television as a producer and in the world of festivals and events. Her music selection is old and new school Hip Hop, RnB, Afro beat, and Motown. In 2013 she was in a wheelchair with a corset because of a bone tumor in a vertebrae. She had a 22-hour operation and got a titanium cage. So, technically she is kind of – a bionic woman. It took her about four years to be up and running again. It was quite a struggle.

Two moments she would like to emphasize include in 2015, when she found the Spine & Joint Centre in Rotterdam. During a breathing practice there, she felt her tailbone again after 2.5 years of not being able to feel anything there. In one split second, Esther realized that she could start a new life! The second moment that she wants to express gratitude for what  happened in 2017. She read the book entitled: You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe is an American neuroscientist and has scientific evidence about the healing component of meditation. This book opened her eyes. Esther meditates every day. You can heal your body. She would like to raise more awareness. No medication but meditation!

Music in general relieves the stress in your body. The cortisol level goes down, the endorphin level goes up! Furthermore dancing is also great. Whatever you do, move your body!

In 2020 Esther DJ-ed in gyms and restaurants in Amsterdam. People are enthusiastic about her mixes and choice of music. Her main goal in life is to be a DJ. She would love to spin her music all around the world and make people happy with her music. She cannot think about anything else! Let’s conquer the world.


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  • Story: How she got started in the 80s when there were few female DJs.
  • Genre: Unexpected, how she loves underground tunes to Hip Hop today.
  • Diagnosis: How to approach feelings of insecurity and how to overcome these tough emotions.
  • Rough Years: When a mom and daughter face health traumas? “Not again!”
  • Uncertainty: Suffering with pain ranked at a 10+ how can anyone not be the Wicked Witch of the North?
  • Consequences: How to cope with feelings of desolation?
  • Mindset: Shifting from limited beliefs to expansive ones even during a health crisis.
  • Turnaround: The moment she felt her tailbone again.
  • Stress: The physical manifestations can be crippling and other unexpected effects.
  • Meditation: Can this help with physical illness?
  • Identity: You are your illness. Are you?
  • Lifestyle: Why finding high vibes matter?
  • Vibes: Here’s a useful definition.
  • DJ Career: How can you take ownership over feeling like you belong anywhere?
  • Purpose: Is our purpose to love yourself first or others?
  • YOLO: Do you only live once and why do others live that way?
  • Musical Taste: New Order to Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Dutch Hip Hop.
  • Technology: Learning is good for the brain and age doesn’t matter.
  • DJ Name: How she became DJ Your Mama?
  • Second Chance: Such a great quote is shared!

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