Author Jason Marc Campbell Changes the Way We See Sales Through Selling with Love, Episode 120

What was your first memory of being sold to or just witnessing a sale? For me, it was accompanying my dad to liquor stores who was transacting as a sales professional for over 40 years.

This week’s guest, Jason Marc Campbell, is the author of Selling with Love: Earn with Integrity and Expand your Impact. He is on a mission to inspire small business owners with sales reluctance to embrace it as a beautiful activity that transforms lives. He also interviews thought leaders from around the world on topics of leadership, team building, communication, productivity and so much more. 

If you are new to entrepreneurship or self-employment, or even if you have an upcoming job interview, be sure to listen to Jason’s message. Ultimately, it really does require you to believe in what you have to sell. In this conversation, Jason walks us through the five loves of sales. He also shares his first memory of selling with love as well as what’s integral to this entire profession that is present in the world’s best sales professionals. 

This idea of selling yourself is so critical whether you’re working for a multinational organization, or out of this great resignation, you have decided to take a chance on yourself, your skills, and your talents. And even if you’re not a sales professional with a job title, we’re all selling and looking to influence one another.

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Jason Marc Campbell’s Biography

Jason Marc Campbell is a public speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Gary V, Jason Silva, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, and more. Jason has spoken at events by Hubspot, Inc Magazine, and A-Fest.

He has worked for Mindvalley, a personal growth ed-tech company, for seven years. He’s been responsible for million-dollar product launches, handling the PR for a New York Times best-selling book, launching the very first membership platforms, selling one-month-long events, and bringing in top-level authors to be published by the company. 

His mission is all about teaching companies to care more. As businesses have so much power in the capitalist world, Jason believes that if we can educate businesses to take on more responsibility for how they sell, how they market, how they treat their employees, and even how they invest their money, we start shifting the very planet into a better place for all.


Courage: There are a lot of things that are outside of your control. And sometimes it is a matter of co-creation. Do everything in your power to deliver on a promise. 

Creativity: There’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to making the product unbelievable. Be innovative in delighting your client with the impact you’re going to give in mind.

Curiosity: Ask for feedback on how you can improve your product or service. 

Selling with love: There’s a different way to look at selling that is aligned with your values. The key is to sell with love.

Energy: Selling is nothing more than an energy exchange between conscious beings, and money is nothing more than stored energy. And when you know what you offer is so much more than what you ask in return, it becomes an act of love.

Knowing: You need to know the buyer and what actual difference it is what you’re going to sell are going to make in their lives. The inner sense of knowing comes from just being more attentive, more responsible, and more caring about everything that’s responsible for the sale.

Intentions: You get into things with the best of intentions. And to ensure that you deliver on the promise that you’ve given, you start by doing your best. 

Loving the impact: You have to know what kind of impact you want to have on your buyers.

Loving the buyer: Once you know the impact you want to make, start loving the buyer. Take the time to know who you’re selling to, the problems they’re facing, and how to start finding solutions that will take those problems away. 

Loving the product: Be clear on the product and make it the best possible. 

Loving the process of selling: This is about all the things you would do to prepare for an interview, design a website, build your company, do your social media, personal branding, sales techniques, closing scripts, all those things fall into the process of selling. 

Trust: If you’re able to explain whatever hiccup that happens with integrity to your customers, they are going to become one of your best customers because they will trust that you’re going to do what is necessary to make things right. 

Vulnerability: Sales is a mechanism that puts you in a state of vulnerability because every fear you have will come up. At the end of the day, it comes down to self-love.

Shame and guilt: There’s a lot of shame and guilt that comes from selling and they’re an indicator that something needs to change (ex. Fix the product, make a better offer, etc.)

Trauma: Most of the shame and guilt feelings come from traumas and past experiences, either a direct or a third-party experience in sales that we look at, and it didn’t feel good. So every time you sell subconsciously, you’re stepping into a role that you do not want to associate with

Model: Investigate what are the role models and ideas that you label for salespeople, and start looking at the people you look up to the most in the world. 

Inspiration: Every single person that you look up to that is influential is a salesperson. And so an identity that you choose when you sell can be much more powerful than the identities that hold you back from selling.

Follow-up: Data around professional salespeople show how little salespeople follow up and this trauma holds us back from getting the attention and earning the trust of people.

Rejection: It’s a lot more soothing to live in the potentiality of a yes than the absolution of a no. When you ask questions and you sell, you take away the mystery but a lot of those might be no’s and that’s okay.

Fear-Pride Paradox: There’s a huge proportion of people in the sales industry who have mental health issues manifested in things like addiction issues, drinking, alcohol, sex, and gambling. There’s an inner numbing that you’re seeking to do because you don’t want to face the reality of every sale that you make. So you need to distract yourself. 

Rational sabotage: When we decide to just vomit all the facts and information on the buyer, that’s because we’re so afraid of that responsibility that we’re going to give it to the buyer.

Responsibility: Selling with love involves taking leadership and taking responsibility, but knowing that you’ve done the best you can to ensure that the chance of success is going to be the best possible. 

Foundation: Love has always been at the foundation of the greatest salespeople in the world. For every sale they make, they know there’s a ripple effect of positivity that comes across the world.

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