Amy Guth Shares About Overcoming Fear and Embracing Discomfort at This Time of the Great Resignation, Episode 109

Were you part of The Great Resignation or do you want to be? Is getting out of the rat race your BIG goal in 2022? Whether you left by choice or were let go by your employer or you want to launch a side-hustle, this conversation is perfect for you. 

This week’s guest, Amy Guth, has been self-employed for the majority of her career. She has had a portfolio career for decades. A portfolio career concept was first introduced on Episode 65 by former CMO of GE Beth Comstock and I wanted to bring someone who could give us a sense of what it takes by way of courage, self-reliance, and autonomy. Hence, Amy is a great example. She understands what it feels like to hunt for your own food. 

In this conversation, she lays out precisely how you can use fear as your beacon rather than let it get in your way from doing the most meaningful work of your life. Anyone new to self-employment has several new choices to make, whether it’s related to what projects to take on, clients to fire, skills to monetize, and even down to how they handle disappointments.  A lot goes into doing anything on your own two feet without the support, resources, and reputation of a big brand. 

For those reasons, I wanted to bring Amy to this week’s episode. I also want to invite you if you are a woman with big goals to watch my free 2-hour workshop entitled: The 5 Secrets of Achieving Big Goals during which time you will learn how to think about having a S.O.L.I.D foundation for launching any goal. Go ahead and sign-up at

Share this episode with a friend who did resign, or wants to, because anyone who is new to self-employment needs to hear this. It will save them a lot of steps and stop them from spinning their wheels needlessly in their heads. 

Amy Guth’s Biography

Amy Guth has spent her career telling and sharing important stories on multiple platforms. She’s an author, editor, journalist, broadcaster, award-winning screenwriter, and producer of films and events, and her work is sharply focused on making space for stories that matter. 


Creativity: Figure out the core of what you wish to do and then do that core thing now. Give yourself the permission to write the worse draft ever.

Courage: Have the courage to contemplate so you can get clarity and see what matters to you. Then overcome the resistance that comes with changing our behaviors, thinking, and responses to things.

Curiosity: See the tough life moments with curiosity. Explore what those moments could mean for you and then do something about it. 

Fear: Fear can be a beacon that can release you and give you a lot of freedom if you’re willing to walk towards it.

Self-employment: A portfolio has a lot more security than a job does a great deal more. You are in control of your own destiny in a lot of different ways because you don’t really have command of if you’re an employee.

Intersection: Writing nonfiction, sometimes, is about answering a question. It’s almost like a little investigation. It’s the intersection of curiosity and knowing we have a really finite time on this earth. 

Urgency: You don’t get to be here forever so you better get going. You can’t spin your wheels, you got to really keep moving forward, thoughtfully, not just busy work. 

Minimize fear: It’s a matter of responding versus reacting. People don’t like to be uncomfortable. The trick is, you have to decide what’s uncomfortable so you want to know what you need. It’s about minimizing fear and breaking it down to its reality. 

Discomfort: Being okay with being uncomfortable is a superpower that we could all cultivate, and the only way to cultivate that it’s just sit there. 

Yoga: Yoga is about having this personal experience and this internal experience. Amy decided to be a yoga teacher because she wants to be available when that person crosses her path. She wants to be the next link in the chain for someone else. 

Meditation: It’s not just woowoo but some practical stuff that leaves you blissed out at the end. It gets you in touch with your body and gives your mind the clarity you need.

Clarity: Tune into what you want and give yourself a minute to know what you want. Take inventory of what’s inside your heart and mind because it’s the only way to trust yourself. 

Goals: It’s important to be clear about your goals. But all that matters is the decisions you make every single day. You can say you want to lose five pounds but what matters is the next thing you do concerning your diet, your fitness or whatever. 

Start: You have to be a self-starter. You cannot wait for people to give you the permission to what you want to do. There is nothing in the world you can’t google at this point. And if you don’t know how to do something, you can start there. 

Expert: A lot of people get tripped up in the word “expert,” thinking they have to be the only one of something. But it’s a password we use in exchange of resource. It’s about inviting people to be part of a thing with you as the resource.

Passion: Do what pleases you, because you’re going to get judged either way. 

Liberation: All fears work the same way. Identify what specifically about something is scary to you and then be willing to go through it. Because fear is there to protect us and you can liberate yourself from fear by going through it, and it may just completely go away after it.

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Episode 65 by former CMO of GE Beth Comstock

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