Cynthia Abdelkarim

Partner Marketing EMEA at Netflix

I’ve hired Melissa twice. Most recently, it was for strategic guidance on updating my CV and to help me do the requisite company research that gave me the confidence I needed to have conversational yet informed chats with hiring managers in a growing media company in Europe. However, at first I was hesitant to hire Melissa because she is US based and I worried about relevance since I am based in the Middle East and looking to live in Europe. I have also been to career coaches and it can be very hypothetical – I needed more practical help and hoped that would be the case with Melissa (thankfully, it was).  It turns out that I was able to successfully partner with Melissa despite these initial concerns because she was very approachable and came prepared with insightful and relevant insights during our chats. What I found most helpful while working with Melissa, was her tailored interview questions and virtual mock interview. The one thing anyone who wants to hire Melissa needs to know is that she offers straight up job hunting help.