Judi Hayes

Chief Branding Officer for Hospitality, Inc.

I want to thank Melissa for all her help and sage advice. I took advantage of her initial consult and found it very helpful. I’ve also enjoy reading her blog posts and find the information very helpful. As a result, I had no hesitations with hiring Melissa.

I like her non-nonsense approach. She is candid, patient and very good at what she does. Initially Melissa gave me a word of advice and that was to “stop doing what I was doing”. I was like a hamster running in circles sending resumes everywhere. You said to take a week or so to “reset”. I did exactly that and it helped me clear my head.

Sure enough 3 weeks later, I found a job, secured an interview and accepted a job offer later. I would definitely recommend Melissa to any mid to senior level professional who is ready to work hard and commit to doing what is necessary to take full advantage of the expertise Melissa offers.