Aisha Barry

Healthcare Professional

The results that I garnered from partnering with Melissa were that I landed an offer in a new sector for me from machinery to healthcare and along the way I identified advocates within multiple organizations during our time together and in fewer than two months. Softer results include improved clarity on career objectives and work history, target companies and network for advocacy.

Prior to working with Melissa, I did not have a strong appreciation for the work required to get one interview. The process she used helped me build muscle to land interviews repeatedly- from the templates to act of interview prep, I now spend hours in advance of each conversation which has me appear much differently to perspective employers.

I would recommend her services to people who have not been in the job market recently, mostly focused in a single company, sector or industry. She will provide a mirror that gives a true perspective on where they stand in the broader world.

Again, it was wonderful working with Melissa. Not only did I get a job but she helped me restore my confidence so I was ready to step into the new role – priceless!