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New Ways to Answer that Weakness Question

You hate answering that weakness question during a job interview however you have to come up with something good. Think about weaknesses that are either obvious or specific (i.e. narrow) to a situation and that’s how you can answer the question truthfully yet without taking yourself out of the game. Here are ways to handle…

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Save a Weak Interview, Ask Targeted Questions

The best interviewees also mess up. However, it’s in those ever critical, final five minutes – when it’s their turn to ask questions – that they recover from an initially weaker performance. You too can recover by asking the right questions to the right person i.e. achieving “the perfect match.” You achieve this perfect match…

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Write Evidence-based Cover Letters Not Fluff

Generic cover letters or fluff-filled ones are as bad as showing up to an interview with a grossly stained outfit. Yes, you wore the suit but you did not show care by having it dry-cleaned and as a result you look sloppy…the same can be said of a fluff-filled cover letter…it’s just plain sloppy.

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