New to the show? You are in the right place. Here are binge-worthy podcast episodes that deliver on what you may need right now whether it’s a jolt of creative inspiration, a dose of courage, or a spark to ignite your curiosities. These episodes are my listeners' favorites. They are also a great place to begin when it comes to binging on An Interview With Melissa Llarena.
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Do you feel like you are in a rut?

Ever wonder how other people just like you managed to get unstuck whether in their lives or careers?

Listen to how these incredible guests went from going through the motions to setting their passions in motion.

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Do you feel anxious?

Ever wonder how other people have worked through their fears, grief, or depression?

Tune in to how these incredibly vulnerable guests courageously got back up from several tough life moments.

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Do you feel like giving up on a goal?

Overwhelm and not seeing results can get in the way of you fulfilling your life goals.

This is your chance to learn from people who have been there before.

You’ll want to listen to how these ultra successful guests got back up.

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Do you feel like there has to be more to life?

Whether you are unsure of your purpose or living it.

It’s important to remind yourself that those you admire also wondered if they were meant for more?

Listen to how several guests waded through their options?



Melissa Llarena is the CEO and Founder of Career Outcomes Matter. Her global career coaching practice is focused on empowering marketers and other creative professionals to rediscover what makes them unique so that they can land their dream job in a forward-thinking company where their ideas are listened to, valued, and supported.

She brings insights from having worked in 16-business units (including Human Resources) in NY, Sydney, Paris, and London. Additionally, in her former corporate career, she worked on top brands for P&G and on IBM for Ogilvy & Mather. Later, as the founder and CEO of Career Outcomes Matter, Melissa created a 3-step “Sellable Strengths Method™” which has been the centerpiece of her clients' results.

Melissa applies this method to support mid-level professionals up to the c-suite along their journey with an emphasis on building up their networking confidence and capabilities to produce jaw-dropping results in record time.

She studied Psychology at NYU and earned her MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

In the spirit of her podcast which features pretty bold guest moves, An Interview With Melissa Llarena, she boldly relocated from the East Coast in the USA to Australia! Sight unseen with her three sons and husband! Catch her every Tuesday for a new episode. Interested in being coached by her on your marketing job hunt? Sign-up for her best-in-class free masterclass for marketers who want more out of life and their careers!

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