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You’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to play around. You want results, and you want them now. Chances are, you’ve mastered your craft however mastering how to job search and stand out is not as fun.

You are ready to step up to the next level in your career, and part of that stepping up involves branding yourself so you can get callbacks. 

At this stage of your career, branding yourself is a requirement to stand out from a very cluttered and crowded job market especially since remote roles can be done by anyone around the world.

So you know it's going to be more important than ever to distinguish yourself to get the role you truly desire (not just any job).

Bozoma Saint John, Sheryl Sandberg, Adele, Drew Barrymore... they all have very distinct personal brands, and you know and remember them. You know that they are highly memorable and get opportunities thrown at them all the time.  

They have a host of accomplishments that we know about. Do the right people know about your accomplishments and how great it would be to work with you? So few professionals know how to stand out like these folks above. These people above have a BRAND. Books, TV shows, additional movements that they’ve founded. You don't need to write a book nor have a TV show, however you need to know your secret sauce and sell it to get interviews and the best offer! You want a great career opportunity? In this environment, a regular old job search approach won't do. You need an edge.

That is your next step in your job search -- branding yourself so that they remember you, so that you stick in their brain.

You want to feel wanted by employers. You want people to reach out to you (not just the other way around).

You want to become the ADELE of the job search world -- where everyone wants to hear you --- your story and all about your talents.  You want to be their number 1 most desired "songstress of sorts".

Sing on! It's been a decade of me helping professionals like you boost their job search confidence and market value.

This course was born out of those successes and my own. I've worked for big brands myself including P&G as well as Ogilvy & Mather. Some client results are below. I have hundreds more. Want to be a success too? You can do it by following this online training built for this online era.

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In this class, I will teach you in a series of end-to-end videos and high-impact resources the steps to establish your personal brand so that you can set yourself apart from other candidates. So people know your name and want to do business with you. Let’s make you the Gucci of your world -- everyone wants to have one. We want to make them want to have you.

This video-guided course is for marketers, operations professionals, technologists, human resources professionals who believe that building a consistent and strategic personal brand is the key to securing lucrative job opportunities and staying marketable (even during a career reinvention).
This on-demand online course that you can watch anytime from the comfort of your home includes:

Incredible access to the rich personal branding insights uncovered during my one-on-one conversations with 4 top global marketers who've worked on familiar billion-dollar brands (i.e. P&G, Mattel, General Mills) on ways that THEY have created and leveraged the power of their personal brands to build their careers.

A personal branding foundational worksheet and checklist to ensure you are following the branding rules that have worked for others who are landing the roles they desire and have built high-value reputations in their respective industries around the world. Want to get started on your own? Download below the worksheet right now to get a sneak peek at what this program will cover.
The same billion-dollar brand building framework that Fortune 100s use to stand out in crowded markets around the world (shh, don't tell anyone I tailored this process for job candidates). You'll finally be able to tailor this framework to precisely uncover your OWN unique selling proposition out of thousands of other professionals with your exact same skill sets.
An easy-to-follow elevator pitch guide with customizable scripts that empower you to crisply deliver your brand in 30-seconds PLUS a longer-form option that is perfect for your high-impact biography.
A magnifying LinkedIn guide complete with the 6 sections you MUST update to help you convey your brand amongst its millions of users including with ideas on how to make your profile rank higher for the right keywords!
A step-by-step start from scratch or not resume how-to for this century. If you hate to update your resume then this guide is for you. You don't need to become a resume writer, just use my framework, copy, update, and use my resume sample, and add your unique career wins to be on your way to applying to any mid-level role that values results. 
A quick guide on cover letters (think version 2.0) for those who plan on going the extra mile because you really want to get the job offer of your dreams!  You'll be able to easily almost color-by-numbers your own unique qualities and express your unique brand using my sample template. Warning: this template is particularly effective if you want a competitive role.
A thank you letter pocket guide that you can bring with you to any job interview so that you no longer have to worry about what to write.
A personal brand audit just for you because you need to refresh your brand and keep a pulse on your reputation during critical life stages so here is my own proprietary tool!
BONUS:   A guided audio on how to master the art of using a word cloud to help you see, in seconds!, how you stack up against a stated job description so you can focus your prep time on the very skills want to be KNOWN for in any industry.     
What my clients have to say about my approach which you will get to experience in this on demand personal brand master class through videos:
Jess Wilson
Operations Leader in Retail
"Melissa is very focused on developing applicable skill sets that people can immediately and effectively put to use in landing their next role. She is a great partner for executives who have commonly gone lengthy periods in their careers with one or a few companies and can benefit from polishing their approach to job search, digital networking and interviewing. I worked with Melissa through five well-orchestrated sessions using time between to engage with the material and apply learning’s. As a result of our time together, I’ve raised my confidence and competency in networking and developed an effective approach to both screening and final interviews to land the next role. Melissa clearly explained the critical aspects of a truly effective LinkedIn profile including how to measure, monitor and maintain the information for best results. What I really valued was her well-planned calls with agenda and expectations; her candid, direct and actionable feedback also was useful and clear and thus able to be put to practical use in working on the job search and prepare for the interview process. Finally, the development and critique of go-forward game plans was also very helpful for me to keep the job search work organized and on-track.
I would gladly refer others in career transition to hire Melissa."
Communications Leader, The Walt Disney Company

Here's how this system transformed M.J.'s paycheck within a 30-day timeframe, she says: 

My path to remembering what I, and only I, bring to the table included completing the BOOST Your Market Value On-Demand Course, with concrete benefits as I progressed:
1) Figuring out my online and offline reputations was my initial awakening.
2) Crafting my USP — tweaking it over and over  — inspired me.
3) Actively messaging or calling friends and former colleagues convinced me this was a worthwhile journey for reasons beyond getting a new job. It helped me reconnect with people I care about.

By the time I completed the exercises, I was convinced I’d been undervaluing myself for far too long and 100% ready to be in a new, more equitable space. By the time interviews rolled around, I was confident and excited to let folks know how they could benefit from me. I also realize what I needed to stay inspired and love what I do.

In the end, I landed a role I’m proud of. I came back to myself, remembering with confidence and clarity all that I’ve learned and earned. Most importantly, Melissa helped me set the stage for my next 2 or 3 roles, maybe even 4 or 5. I have a solid foundation and the renewed motivation to build on it fearlessly." 

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