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Change Your Career Outlook by Q1 2014

You are back on the job market.   Perhaps, it’s been a few years since the last time you hunted for an opportunity or the last time you found yourself facing the job hunt was during an upswing in the economy.   Either way, there is something different about this job hunt.

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LinkedIn Challenge TIP 2: How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Summary‏

Does your LinkedIn summary tell a good story about your accomplishments, motivations, and future interests? Has it made anyone want to meet you? Let’s continue the ultimate LinkedIn challenge. LinkedIn Challenge TIP 2 out of 5:  When a recruiter or potential employer reads your summary statement, they want to learn about the person beyond the great professional…

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LinkedIn Challenge Starts Now!

Increase your LinkedIn IQ in 5 weeks for free. See results in only 1 week. Start by joining the Ultimate LinkedIn Challenge. I am taking a break from my usual blog post structure and doing things differently during the next few days (FYI: this change in plan is really just for YOU (the world’s best…

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