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1,000 Hours of Sweat Equity

Who benefits from your sweat equity? You probably have already clocked 1,000 hours during the first 6 months of 2012.  If at this point you know that your talents are not benefiting the audience who needs them the most then it’s time for a mid-year career evaluation.

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Does Your Motivation for Changing Careers Stink?

“I want to stop reading and rotting and that’s why I want to leave law in pursuit of becoming a marketer!” Changing sectors takes extraordinary efforts and this reason will not move the mountains you need moved to successfully transition. However, you will gain traction if your motivation for the switch exhibits these four characteristics,…

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Write Evidence-based Cover Letters Not Fluff

Generic cover letters or fluff-filled ones are as bad as showing up to an interview with a grossly stained outfit. Yes, you wore the suit but you did not show care by having it dry-cleaned and as a result you look sloppy…the same can be said of a fluff-filled cover letter…it’s just plain sloppy.

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